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There will always be a struggle in finding time. Whether you are in the office or on the road like us. Time seems to float by, sometimes too fast for your liking.

We were so well trained, in school and in our professional life that we see the need to fill our time with things to do, to be ”productive". ..whatever that means. Doing less is deemed evil. The feeling of incomplete and incompetence crept in when you’re not multitasking a million things at once.

We have been on the road for 391 days now. THREE HUNDRED AND NINTY ONE DAYS! Thats a lot of days and still we…no…me, Norah, is still struggling to find time. Between enjoying a little frolic in the sea and learning to publish a website, I struggle. Didn’t we leave our jobs and homes to get away for the norms of modern urban living that of a modern slave?

I kept thinking that I need to spend my time better, to be better.

I remember just a few weeks back, I was telling Susie that I miss the working life. The rush of datelines, the feeling of accomplishment with a finished project…the whole gathering of minds and energy. Perhaps I was feeling “lonely” but thats a subject for another chapter.

All the feelings of incompetence and incomplete came to be because we needed to get our website off the ground. And with it, the content creation, the gazillion photos to organise and not to mentioned the hundreds of hours of videos that need to be reviewed, organised and produced. When we decide to live on the road, we decided to be self sufficient. In EVERYTHING. Gone were the days when I can simply call on a plethora of people to do the job.

“You do you” gives a whole new meaning to me.

Early on when we started our travel, it was hard to let go of the 9 to 5 work mode. Your body relied on routine. Going to bed in the early hours of 9pm was lame. We needed to see more, do more, experience more. Woohoo. But with time, we learnt to go slow. Its ok to take time to drink your tea, take a longer rest on the bench overlooking the town. Smile at people. Be in the present.

So we completed a year of travel. As planned. Well, not all was according to plan. The pandemic wasn’t planned.

After much reflection, our next phase of travel will be somewhat different than before. Our travel now is not only to “see the world”, to sightsee.

We now have a mission to bring VanGar back home to Asia., to Malaysia, to my family home there as motorhomes are prohibited to enter Singapore. As they say, home is where we park. With the mission in mind and a new set of motivation and purpose, I need to buck the hell up and organise the 365 days of photos, videos and start editing.

Making and finding time is a skill that I still have not mastered. I suspect I never will. I will find that elusive time though as unlike before, I am loving my life right now. I am in love with the road. And you’ll do anything for love.

With that I am so happy to say that I have finished editing a video about our life in lockdown. 88 days spent in a campsite in Morocco, cut off from the outside world save for a janky wifi and the occasional sightings of sheep outside the gate.

Here’s the link, go watch it. It’s a phenomenal time in the lives of the 2TravellingAunties. I hope we all have the wisdom to make the best that life has to offer. Whatever time we have.

Stay safe and stay sane.



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